Bella Vitaly (bellavitaly) wrote in aus_mcrmy,
Bella Vitaly

Pre-Order Umbrella Academy Now!

I've just been to Phantom Zone and spoken to the guy who works there. To ensure that everyone doesn't miss out on the next arc of Umbrella Academy which is set to be released in November, Phantom Zone are now taking orders.

If you do not live in Sydney, you don't have to worry. They are able to send out copies of the comic to you.

All orders must be made with a valid credit card, and you will be charged once your order is shipped out to you.

This way they will not have a problem like they did with Apocolypse Suite with people coming in months after the issue had been released.

Contact Phantom Zone today to make your order:


Phone: (02) 9891 1848

Copies of the trade paperback are now available for $AU24.95 and can be shipped to you also. The special edition hardcover can be pre-ordered and will be out sometime in November for approximately $AU110.
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