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Bullets vinyl

Hi there! 

I was just wondering if anyone else has bought the Bullets vinyl (or anything else for that matter) from the Eyeball store? 

See, story goes that I pre-ordered from Eyeball in Jan (and had to pay for it, I hate it when you have to do that, they shouldn't charge until they ship.  But I digress...).  So then a few weeks ago I got an email saying there had been a glitch and I had underpaid for delivery (it was pretty cheap) and if I paid the difference then they would ship me my vinyl immediately.  So I paid the difference and then NOTHING!  My order status hasn't changed on the Eyeball store page (it doesn't even have record of the extra postage I paid). 

So I have emailed them twice, once to the address on the site, once to the person who sent me that email, and no response!  I'm freaking out and don't know what to do!  I don't want to come across as a crazy person, but I want my frickin vinyl - or my money back.  Any tips or words of comfort?

Thanks :)
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