James (jspencer1986) wrote in aus_mcrmy,

For fans of OTP, Pint-Sized Romeo and Boy In The Trucker Cap!

If this isn't allowed or is considered off topic, I apologize and understand if my post gets removed.

If you were a fan of my bandom songs, OTP, Pint-Sized Romeo or Boy In The Trucker Cap, then this is for you!

I've recently recorded my first full-length album, to be released in the next month and a half. For all my bandom fans, I'm making a special Bandom Edition release of the album, that contains the full length CD, plus a bonus disc of my 3 bandom songs. It will be selling for AU$25 + shipping (or if anyone is just after the standard edition without bonus disc, it's AU$17 + shipping).

ALL PROCEEDS will be going towards an upcoming surgery and the goal is 500 sales, which will pay for everything.

To place an order, email jb-cd-sales@hotmail.com with your name, shipping address, quantity and payment method (paypal or bank deposit in Australia - international orders only via paypal, sorry) or for more details comment/message me here.

Thanks for the support!

Also, sorry if you get this a few times, I'm cross-posting a bit.
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