Josie (josiemus_prime) wrote in aus_mcrmy,

we're not dead! are we?

Just checking, because guess how long it's been since there was a post here? Hint: a long time.

But, with all these awesome things going on lately, (eg. the videos and MCR getting ready to release their new album) I figured we needed a post!

So to start, how do these new shenanigans make you feel? Who's excited? Who doesn't really care anymore since Bob left? Who else misses Bob :(? Who's still pissed about them cancelling Soundwave/their sideshow? Is it true they're releasing it here on the 12th (idk I think I saw that somewhere)? Are you gonna go to their shows when they tour here (NOT TOURING HERE IS NOT AN OPTION) Do you wanna dress up as a killjoy? Do you love it? Do you hate it?

Show me you're alive, Australia!

Thoughts! Opinions! General flailing or disinterest! I know you're all still there somewhere.

Things you may have missed if you like spending your time under a rock, or just have better things to do:

And a teensy snippet of Planetary (GO!) can be found here. Need more now

For everything else, there's tothetune (a newsletter comm for all blogs, articles and recent news to do with the band) and mcr_unofficial (for all discussion, scans, concert reviews and recaps). Tyfyt
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Deleted comment

\o/! Their touring drummer is Mike Pedicone I believe, he played for The Bled. :)
The CD's getting released here on the 19th! Woo!
Yeees, awesome! I need that thing in my hands
we're still alive!
yeeah, this pleases me greatly \o/
I'm a bit late to this post but the new stuff is awesome!
Also, just if anyone is interested there is now also a facebook and twitter page for AusMCRmy: and
oh, that's great! definitely gonna follow the twitter account, thanks :)