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just got an email....


Hey Guys and Gals,

We have all been anxiously waiting for June 24th. On this day, the DVD/CD entitled "The Black Parade is Dead" hits stores, online outlets, and other avenues. Starting today, you'll be able to preorder said DVD/CD directly from theblackparadeisdead.com. It depicts the final "Black Parade" show in all of its arena-rock glory, live from Mexico City this past Fall.

We also decided to include a video of the intimate show we had at New Jersey's legendary club, Maxwells, this past October. We played one of our very first shows on that stage, and it was amazing to be on it once again. These shows were some of the most memorable and fun we've ever had onstage. The kids at the Mexico City show actually overpowered the PA, and their voices were deafening. The Maxwells show was complete pandemonium, and the video captures the feeling of and old school MCR show, the way it was way back when. I want to apologize for the wait, as we wanted to make sure that it was absolutely perfect for your viewing pleasure.

With the pre-order, you are entitled to 3 DRM-free download of select tracks from the Mexico City show (Mama, Dead, and Welcome to the Black Parade). Inside the special edition, you'll find the DVD tucked inside of a collectible pinewood coffin box with our logo burned into the top. Also, inside, you will receive 1 of 5 Day of The Dead-esque masks we each designed. We had a blast designing them, and hope you have a blast wearing them, (or whatever else you choose to do with them). The special edition also contains a "death certificate of authenticity with our signatures printed on it. This edition if extremely limited, so if you want one, pre-order sooner than later.

We are almost finished with our special intimate theater tour and it's been insane. Some of venues we haven't played in many years, and flood my head with fond memories. It's amazing to be able to share with all of our fans old and new.

We love each and every one of you, and hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it.




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Wooooah. Intense.

I can't wait to see this :D
And the Maxwell's footage, omg.

However, am I the only one a little suspicious of the special edition? It just seems a little gimmicky and random. And it was mentioned over at chemicalromance that it costs about $60 US?
But then, the obsessive collector in me wants to buy it anyway. What do you all think?
yeah US$60 is right. expensive, especially when you add postage onto that.

i'm almost certain i'm going to get it, it does seem a little lame, but meh, its MCR and i the collector in me is going "omg - MUST HAVE"!!!
Yeah, me too :P
I'll be too damn excited to remember the price anyways!

And I want to find out who designed what mask..
haha same!!! i've been trying to work it out. but i think i'll like the surprise more if i dont know.
they do ship internationally and shipping was only 15 to australia
thats cheap... makes me want it even more!
i was expecting way more so i'm surprised and pleased they are shipping it internationally since warner is usually a bastard with that.
I'm a sucker for limited editions...so I just ordered mine.
Do we know of any shops in Melbourne that is doing preorders of the limited edition coffin and mask set?
My parents dont like ordering things online unless theyre on ebay *hates their logic*
just hope customs lets in the wooden box.