hopeless wanderer (gunshotbeauty) wrote in aus_mcrmy,
hopeless wanderer

for any aussies the rocksound issue with the my chem poster lot is out. alkaline trio are on the cover and these are the posters.

it's the cheerleader one on one side and the four other are on the other side
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I laughed because they cut Matt out of the cheerleader one. lol

My mag came with two copies of the poster sheet (i dunno why?) so I guess I can put all five posters up if I wanted. Or if anyone got a mag without a poster sheet, let me know :)

Rock Sound is such a great unbiased, informative mag - plus it has a cd with great music all the time. I wish Australia had something similar. Blunt always seems to fall short.
Thanks for this! Will keep an eye out for it throughout the week.
stuff the mcr posters, SKIBA!
the photos of him are amazing but damn derek & danny are looking good too!
..I drove for an hour and a half today in wicked traffic for this magazine because I was excited about the posters, only to find that Borders hadn't gotten it in stock yet! D:
the things I do for those boys.. <3
I got home from Sydney this afternoon, logged on, read this message, and promptly bolted out the door and walked the whole twenty minutes down to the newsagents to buy this mag then back again.

*sigh* The things I do for MCR.
Thanks for letting us knooow.
Haha Skiba. Can't take him anywhere...